State of expenses

Flow of statuses an expense can go through in the app:



  • 1. - Uploading expense -> Reading data: when the image is uploaded from the mobile device to the Captio servers and is certified (if the user has certification activated). The information is only in the mobile device, it is not in Captio yet.
  • Reading data
    • 2. -> Ok: when the image of the expense has been processed correctly: with the amount, date, and supplier, if required. All of the fields defined as obligatory by the company are also filled in.
    • 3. -> Fill in the required fields: when the image has been processed correctly: with the amount, date and supplier, but the user has not yet filled in some fields defined as obligatory by the company.
    • 4. -> Review this expense: when it was impossible to process the image and there is no amount, date or supplier.
  • 5. -> Review this expense /Fill in the required fields -> Ok:  when all of the obligatory information has been filled in: date, amount, supplier and other fields set as obligatory by the company.


In the list of tickets, you can see these statuses with different icons and colours:



Also, when you press on a ticket with the status Review this expense or Fill in the required fields you can see a banner and a screen with additional information (when you press the banner) which provides more information on what the user needs to do.



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