Uploading digital expenses via email

Uploading digital expenses via email

This function allows you to upload digital expenses to your Captio environment by sending them by email. These expenses arrive via digital channels (email, app, etc.) in PDF format from different suppliers. 

With this functionality digital expenses can be incorporated like any other and, thus, managed and integrated into the company's expense policy. 


What kinds of expenses can I send by email? 

Only those expenses that you receive in digital format from the different suppliers, either via email, or downloaded via an app or other digital channel.


What is a digital expense?

Digital expenses are those received in digital format from different providers. Digital expenses are valid, according to the tax agency, as digitalised paper documents are now authorised and accepted.  


How does it work?

Just send an email with the expense you want to upload to your Captio environment to this address: 

Do you want to use an email account other than your Captio one?

To be able to use this function with other email accounts you must register those from which you wish to send digital expenses. To do this, access the Captio web application and click on Settings - Preferences

From here, go to the Digital Invoices Via Email section, where you can add the email addresses from which you would like to be able to resend digital invoices to, and the system will recognise which account they are associated with. You can add as many addresses as you like, in this way being able to forward to Caption all the digital invoices you receive at email addresses other than your Captio one.


What happens to the expenses I have sent by email?

Once an email has been sent the expenses will be uploaded to your Captio environment, in the Captures section, and from there you can already handle them like any other expenses, edit the data, add it to a report, etc.


What happens if the email address with which I sent an expense is already linked to a different Captio account?

 Once you have reported the email addresses you want to link to your account for this function, you will receive an email in each of them confirming the linkage. 

In the event that any of the email addresses were already associated with a Captio account, you will receive an email informing you of this fact, and you can decide whether you want to link it to the new account or not. A given email address can only be associated with ONE Captio account.


What happens if I don't have the email address set up in my Captio account?

In the event that you send an expense to from an email account not linked to any Captio user, you will be notified of the need to register that address in the desired Captio account. This expense will not be processed, so it will need to be sent again after the configuration.


 Is there another way to upload an expense of this type? 

Yes, you can also upload these types of digital expenses by downloading the expense PDF and then uploading it via a mobile application, or the website, as explained in this article Uploading Digital Expenses in PDF.

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