Mileage expenses

How to add mileage expenses through the app

Through the mileage section of the main menu of the app you can report mileage expenses through Google Maps.
You must enter the point of departure and arrival, as well as intermediate stops, and you also have the option to select if the trip is round trip.
Google maps will automatically calculate the distance and Captio will calculate the total amount based on the mileage rate of each company.
In the case that the company has predefined routes, you can select the one that matches the route.



How to add mileage expenses via the web


How to add expenses via the Webs

In the Expenses section, you can add a mileage expense using the button enabled for this. Once inside, click on the new journey and select the starting and ending points of the route. You can also add more stops made on the same day and specify whether it is a round trip.
Google Maps will automatically calculate the distance, and Captio will calculate the total amount based on each company's mileage rate.

You will see this mileage expense as one more expense on the mobile application, and you can add it to your expense note

Characteristics of the new Web feature:

  • Predefined routes (If a predefined route has been selected, and then a route is created with the map, the predefined route will be lost, and vice versa)
  • Drag & Drop function to change the order of each destination
  • Satellite view of the map (Web only)

How to add mileage expenses with a predefined route

If the company has predefined journeys, that coinciding with the route may be selected.

Double a mileage expense

From the web application you can duplicate a km expense. In the penultimate column you will see the text DUPLICATE, if you click on it a new screen will appear so you can double the expense. The date will be updated to today. You can make the changes you see fit and save the expense.


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