The allocation of taxes when reporting expenses

Once the Captio administrator has created the corresponding taxes and allocated them to categories, expense reporters can begin to benefit from assisted tax management when they capture their expenses.

When a user captures an expense and indicates a category, the amount of the tax will automatically be calculated based on the tax rate for that category and the amount of the expense read by Captio.

Remember that, if there is more than one possible rate for the same category, the amount of the tax will be calculated considering the one indicated by default by the administrator (if any have been indicated).

If the user wishes to expand the information on what tax has been calculated, or modify it, he can do so by selecting it.

On the "Tax Management" screen one can change the type of tax associated with the category. If multiple rates are applied to the same expense, one can assign specific amounts to each of them. Captio will verify that the taxes entered are correct, through calculations.

The user can also indicate whether the tax is deductible or not by marking it at the top of the screen.

Of course, this process can be carried out using either the Captio mobile application or the Web



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