12. Emburse Cards configuration

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How can I activate the Emburse Cards account?

The admin accesses his Emburse Cards account from the Settings / Emburse Cards section.

You can sync the accounts with the Emburse Cards login via the pop-up window.

Once this action has been carried out, the administrator will see the Emburse Cards information on this screen.


How can I see the history of the expenses made with Emburse cards?

Accessing the Reconciliation and Emburse Cards section you will be able to see all the history of transactions and reconciliations. This section is for visualization only. Any reconciliation action must be performed by the user from the application.

With a green check you will see the reconciled transactions, with the letter A if it has been an automatic reconciliation or M if it has been manual. If the reconciliation has not been made, nothing will appear in this field.


Can users send expense notes with transactions pending to reconcile?


Depending on the account configuration, users will be able to send expenses without reconciling or not.



Other questions:



What happens if deactivated or non-existent user transactions arrive?

The deactivated will see all their transactions when they re-enter, the transactions of the non-existent ones will not reach Captio.


With what expenses do we allow to join?

With any expense that has a form of payment "Emburse Cards" and is not linked to a transaction or is in a report.


What criteria are applied to join (reconcile) automatically?

The date, amount, currency and form of payment are taken into account.

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