13. Configure Cabify connector - Captio


If you are already a Captio client and you want to connect your corporate account with the Cabify corporate account,  these are the steps to follow. 

(All users that exist in the Captio and Cabify account sharing the same identifier will be linked.)


  1. Go to the Captio website, in the Settings - Integrations section. Select the Cabify integration, click on the link, and continue.







  1. - Integration: Add your Cabify account Client ID and Secret ID (Here we explain where to find this information: Cabify Help Center)



rovide the information, which will link the two systems:


  1. Category: Select the category with which you wish to associate Cabify expenses; here you will see the categories that you already have created in your environment(except allowances, automatically limited ones, km, per diems or mandatory customized fields)  or you can create a new one, if you wish, from the categories section).
  2. Payment method: Select the payment method (here you will see the payment methods that you already have created in your environment; you can create a new one, if you wish, from the payment methods section)
  3. Users: Indicate the type of login that you use in your organization:
  • The user login is the same for Cabify and Captio (most common option)
  • In the event that the user login is not the same for Cabify and Captio, you will have to indicate the Captio logins in the Cabify database (email field or user code field) and select, in the drop-down, the field in which they have been introduced. 
  1. Integration Status: Hit this button in order to start transferring data as soon as the linking is complete.

If it is not activated, the data will not be transferred from Cabify to Captio.


Keep in mind that a Cabify expense will appear in the user's account 2 hours after the trip. 





This process can take up to 72 hours. You will receive a notification when the integration is complete. 

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