16. Nested fields (or selection by filtering)

What are nested fields?

Nested fields are fields/data structured in such a way that one hangs from the other (parent - child - grandchild) so that by selecting a parent X the sub-selection of children and grandchildren will vary. We find this type of filters or selectors, for example in country - autonomous community - province - city).

In the above example, to select a city or town, it is necessary to follow a path to obtain the desired values and finally obtain the data.

Captura_de_pantalla_2023-05-15_a_las_9.25.13.pngWhat are they for?

They serve to speed up the search and selection of fields, since as we select, the next selection is more specific. It also serves to avoid selection errors.


In which sections can we create nested fields?


How can they be configured?

Configuration of nested fields must be done via API. There is no user interface that allows configuration of this type of custom field.

If you need this functionality, you can contact your account manager.

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