Certified digital signature

What is the digital signature?

The electronic signature is a legal concept, electronic equivalent to the handwritten signature, where a person accepts and validates the content of an electronic message through any electronic medium that is legitimate and permitted.​​​



What use do you have in Captio?

The digital signature in Captio serves to additionally certify that the action performed by the user is in charge of the legal person who owns the caption user account.


What steps or actions can a digital signature require?

Companies can configure the digital signature requirement to:

  • Expense notes: both to users who request approval, at the time of sending the expense note, and to reviewers users at the time of approval.
  • Travel: You can also configure the digital signature for the travel request or approval.


How it works?

The users or administrators who are required to sign digitally for the realization of requests or approvals must rely on the digital certificate that issues hacienda or in the case of employees the code facilitated by the administration.

Other companies can also use their own certificates issued by the company.

To proceed with the digital signature, you must previously download the Autofirma software.

The digital signature can only be carried out from the Captio web with a computer, it is not available in the app.

It is important to bear in mind that for the use of the digital signature, users must have an official digital certificate.


How is it activated by the administrator?


The administrator can activate the obligation to sign with a certificate in Configuration - Workflow.

Here there is a section under "Type" called "If the applicant's signature is required".

In addition, it can be specified at what moments of the workflow, at what steps, it is required.



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