Definition of role: reporter

Workers who normally carry out their work outside the office generate expenses. These expenses need to be claimed from the company for reimbursement. Captio reporters capture expenses and submit them to their supervisor. 

How they do it:

  1. Reporter users use their smartphone or tablet to photograph the receipts that justify their expenses.
  2. Captio automatically extracts the important information from the photo of the receipt.The photo is stored in the cloud and serves as proof of payment with full legal guarantees.
  3. At the end of the period established by the company (e.g. monthly reporting), reporter users automatically generate expense reports and request their approval. 

Therefore, reporter users have two basic functions: capture costs and generate expense reports to claim them. For this they have two tools:

  1. Mobile application - the Captio App.The Captio smartphone application allows the capturing of costs and management of reports while on the move.
  2. Web application. This allows you to work with Captio from the comfort of a PC, access statistics and perform advanced management tasks.
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