[Web] Approving advances

The Advances tab allows the supervisor to approve or reject advances.

A supervisor will only review those advances in which they appear as the person responsible for monitoring it. To establish those people responsible for monitoring advances, the administrator of the environment must have set up a workflow for monitoring advances. 


The Approve? button opens a window with information on the requested advance to be able to see and/or modify the details (reason, date of collection, currency/ies, etc.). You can approve or reject the advance request with the corresponding buttons.


Once this is done, the system will display a message for the reviewer confirming the action.


When you approve the payment request, it is continued in the next phase of advance approval workflow (if applicable).Once the application has been approved in all the phases defined, the user applicant will have the requested advance and this will be assigned to their next expense report.The user will be notified of such an approval by email.

If we reject the payment request, the requesting user will receive the information in their Pending Advances inbox with the status of the advance marked Rejected. The user can edit the advance.


Once the changes have been made, the user can repeat the request for approval of the advance and the supervisor will again receive the advance in their inbox for its review.

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