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How to generate an expense report via the app

You can create a new report from the Reports option in the main menu. In the My Reports section you will see, at the upper right, the button to create new reports.

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  • Click on the button.
  • Add the name of the report.
  • Add expenses to the report by clicking on "Add receipts".
  • Or save it and finish filling it in later.


How to add expenses to a report

There are several ways to add expenses to a report:

  • From the list of expenses

You can add a receipt to a report from the Expenses option in the main menu.

Once there:

- Enter the expense in question

- Assign it a report that is in the draft stage (if this option does not appear, it is because you do not have any report created). With this action, the expense will disappear from the general list of expenses.

- Click on Save Changes



  • From a report

You can add an expense to a report from the Reports option in the main menu. Within this section, you will see several others:

- My Reports (reports pending approval)

- Approved (history of the last 12 reports approved)

- And, if you are a report reviewer, the Review section will also be visible for you.  

In My Reports, you will see those that are in the draft stage, rejected, or under review. You can only add expenses to those that are in the draft stage or are under review. To do this:

- Access the report

- Click on the receipt icon (the one in the centre of the upper right-hand corner)

- A screen with all expenses ready to add will open. You can add them all at once or select the ones you want, individually, one by one,.

- Click on Add. The app will calculate the report total by adding the amounts of the new expenses.

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How to edit reports through the app

You can edit the name, custom fields or workflow (approval flow) of a report while it has draft status and/or rejected. To do this:

  • Log in to the Captio App using your access information
  • To modify the custom field associated with a report from the Captio app, select the Reports option on the main menu.
  • Go to the report you want to modify and click on the pencil icon appearing in the upper right.
  • Make the changes you want.
  • Click on Save.

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How to review reports via the app

To monitor the reports that have been assigned to you, you must login with your usual access info and go to the "Reports" section on the main menu.

There you will see the reports divided into 3 tabs: My Reports (yours), Review and Approved.

Click on "Review" to see all the reports that need your supervision.

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Reports without alerts: if no warning alerts appear, you can approve or reject the report by entering it and clicking on the appropriate button.

Reports with alerts: If an exclamation mark appears on a report it means that the report either has an alert (for example, maximum amount) or some of the expenses in it do not comply with your expense policy (which triggers an alert). To verify the problem, access the report and go to the problematic expenses. You can eliminate expenses that do not comply with your rules, and approve the report, or reject it, using the buttons at the bottom.

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