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How do I request a trip using Emburse Captio?

Note: This article is not intended for users who have contracted Emburse Travel by Travelperk.

To request a trip through Captio, go to the Captio Web application and click on the travels section:


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In this section you can request trips, and see all your trips:Travel (regardless of their status, trips pending approvalapproved and completed; if you are a reviewer you will see two more sections: pending review and reviewed


Clicking on Create travel, will open a pop-up window with several sections for you to fill in based on your travel needs:

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  • General

Here you can add a reference number (depending on your company's settings, this will already be set, by default), a reason for the trip, comments, and the start and end dates.

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  • Flights

In this section of the form you can indicate whether you need one or more flights. It will give you the option to add a second flight after requesting the first, and so on.

On each flight you can indicate whether it is a round trip or one-way flight, and the origin and destination.

The type of ticket (Economy, Business, First Class). The flight dates, with the approximates times when you want to travel. 

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  • Hotel

Add hotel check-in and check-out dates, city, room type (double or single), type of stay (full board, half board, breakfast), and category (1,2,3,4,5 stars)

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  • Car

If you need to rent a vehicle, you must fill in the pick-up and drop-off days, the pick-up and drop-off points, and the category (Economy, Intermediate, etc.).

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  • Ship

In the event that you require transport by boat, you must mark whether it is round-trip or one-way trip, the origin and destination, the type of ticket (Economy or Preferred, with or  without a cabin, etc.), the days of departure and arrival, and the approximate time

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Once you have filled out the form with everything you need, click on Request Approval (below on the right) and you will have requested your trip. 


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At this point you will be able to see the trip requested in the Pending section, with its summaryand status, indicating whether it is Pending Approval or has been Rejected.  Using the i icon, you'll find more information about the reasons for the status.

Those that are still pending review may be edited.

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If approved, it will go to the Approved section.

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What happens after you request a trip?


Your request, once approved by your reviewer, will be sent to the company's travel manager or travel agency.

This person will contact you by traditional means (usually email) to finalize the trip. 


What happens after the trip ends? (only with TRD integration)

If your company has integration (TRD) with the agency, in your Emburse Captio account (app or web) you will see a manual expense with the trip's expense data (non-refundable) so that you can add it to the trip's expense report, or to whatever expense report that you decide, and send it in for approval. 

This way your manager and the company will have comprehensive information on your travel expenses. 



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