Emburse Cards


What happens with the expenses made with an Emburse Cards?

Notification: Upload spending to Captio

Once you have paid for a purchase with your Emburse card, a notification will appear on your mobile with a message with the transaction information and you will be asked to take a photo of the expense.


2. By clicking you will see the information of the transaction and by entering it you will be able to see the amount, date and provider, and by clicking on the camera icon you will be able to capture the expense.

You can also upload an expense in pdf. These are the expenses that you receive digitally, normally in your email.


In the event that you want to delete the photo, you can delete it from the trash can button and upload a new one:


You will also be able to select the category of the transaction and fill in other information requested by your organization.

At this time you can save the expense.



Can I combine an already created expense with an Emburse Cards transaction?

In the event that you have already created the expense, you can join it with the automatically created transaction.

To do this you must access the transaction and click on the Join button. And then select the expenses that you already have created.

Keep in mind that the expense must have Emburse Cards as a form of payment. In the event that the expense does not have this form of payment, you can edit it and add it at that time.


What if I don't have the receipt?

In the event that you do not have the receipt, you can continue the process without adding it. The application will inform you that the transaction does not have a receipt (ticket) and if you are sure to proceed.




Later you must add a comment, optional, to inform the reason why you do not have a ticket. This expense will be labeled as a manual expense.



What happens if I have merged an expense that is not correct and I have already saved it?

In this case you can access the transaction and click on the icon at the top right.

The application will ask you for confirmation of the action and once the expense and the transaction are accepted, they will be separated.

You will be able to rejoin an expense to the transaction or a transaction to an expense by repeating the previous steps.


In the event that a broken card icon appears in the transaction, it means that the expense is not associated with any transaction.



How can I know if an expense is reconciled or not?


Card icon - expense paid with company card and non-refundable.

Split card icon - means that the expense is not associated with any transaction

Card icon (grey) - Emburse Cards transaction. Automatically created.



Other questions:

With what expenses do we allow joining?

With any expense that has a form of payment "Emburse Cards" and is not linked to a transaction or is in a report.

What criteria is applied to join (reconcile) automatically?

The date, the amount, the currency and the method of payment are taken into account.

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