2023 Captio Emburse Basic App Guide


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 Make sure you have the latest version of Captio installed on your mobile device.


  • Logging In

After downloading the application, indicate your regular email address and password to access your account. Captio will perform an initial uploading to synch your data. This process is only done when you log in.

At the end of the synchronization process, you will access Captio's main screen.


  • Main Menu

The main menu contains Captio's different options. To display it, select the icon with the three horizontal lines in the upper left-hand corner of your screen.

This menu is accessible from all the screens.The Settings screen is also accessed from the Main Menu.



  • Capture a ticket

To capture your first ticket, click the camera button at the bottom  right, or on Capture Expense on the main menu (1st menu option).

When you have captured your first ticket, you will access the ticket list.

For successive captures, you can continue using the button at the bottom. Your tickets will appear on the list with the status "Uploading Data". The uploading will take a few seconds.


Once the ticket has been uploaded, the status will change to "Reading Data". This step can take some time, and will automatically extract the date, the name of the supplier, and the amount. Even while it is being processed, if you select the ticket you can categorize it and add information to it.

In this new version you will also be able to do several success captures without the need to categorize them at the time.  That is, you will have the choice to categorize your expenses when capturing them, or later.



  • Insert manually

You can also manually enter an expense when your company policy allows it, because

you have lost the physical ticket, or when the expense does not require physical proof.



    • Report mileage

    By clicking on mileage you can report travel expenses. You must enter the departure and arrival point, you can add several stops, and also select whether it was a round trip. Google Maps automatically calculates the distance, and Captio the amount to pay, based on its expense policy. 

.IMG_2509.jpg     IMG_2508.jpg



  • Upload Expense in PDF

You can also upload your digital expenses; these tend to be ones that you receive by email in digital or PDF format. Open the PDF file on your mobile device and, there, click on Share with the Captio Application, which will upload the PDF expense to your account. You can even forward these expenses from your corporate account by email to




  • Expenses

In this section you can see the expenses you have entered and those expenses with green checks that you have not yet included in reports.

The expense goes from In Progress to Read Expenses after it has been read.

 The process will be completed when the expense has been read properly and the data your company requires has been entered. At that time the expense will appear with a green check by it. 


  • Reports

All expenses must be allocated to a report. You can create a report from the section of the menu assigned to it, clicking on the icon in the upper right. You must name it and import the expenses you want to add.

You can save the report and add as many expenses as you wish, as long as the report is in draft form. After you request approval, the report can no longer be edited.

When you think the report is complete, you can request its approval. At this time the report will automatically be sent to the reviewer or reviewers previously configured based on your company's expense policy. If you have a rejected report, this will appear in red, and rejected. You can also view all those reports that are already approved.

Also, if you are a reviewer you will see a review section where you can approve or reject your team's expense notes.



  • Notifications

Notifications allow you to be continuously informed of new developments in the expense settlement process. 

Notifications fall into two distinct categories. Informational notifications such as "Your report has been approved" will appear in the mailbox. 

In the "My Tasks" section those notifications that require an action on your part will appear; for example, when there is a report that you need to review.








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